Hundreds of rebellious cops and their wives attacked Bolivian police intelligence headquarters here Friday.

Rank and file members of the national police's UTOP tactical unit launched a mutiny on Thursday to demand a bigger pay increase than the one offered by President Evo Morales' government.

The cops and their wives set out early Friday from the UTOP base in La Paz in a march that took them past the presidential palace before they reached intelligence HQ.

As armed, hooded mutineers stood on the building's roof, their comrades vandalized the interior, seizing and burning files and smashing computers.

Flames from the burning piles of documents soon spread to the building.

The Morales administration and police brass have called for calm and sought dialogue with the mutineers, but disgruntled cops continued to spark disturbances in La Paz and other cities

A number of officers have been injured while trying to contain the unrest.

So far, the leftist government has declined to deploy soldiers to replace the usual police guards at the presidential palace. EFE