China's President Hu Jintao urged here Wednesday the implementing of policies that will stabilize the eurozone and ease the debt crisis of member countries.

The Chinese leader made his position clear to Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, with whom he met on the island of Tenerife during a stopover of the Chinese G-20 summit delegation on their return flight from Mexico.

The deputy premier told reporters that Hu was fully informed about the crisis Spain and the European Union are going through, and expressed his support for all measures that will ensure greater stability in the eurozone.

Hu also mentioned the importance of the bilateral meeting he had at the G-20 summit in Mexico with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy concerning the possibilities of bilateral collaboration in various fields.

The Chinese leader also expressed his support for policies that favor growth and cooperation between his country and the eurozone.

One point Hu emphasized when speaking with the deputy prime minister was Spain's potential as a destination for Chinese tourists.

For her part, Saenz de Santamaria said she committed to helping improve such aspects as the procedures for granting visas and the frequency of flights between the two countries.

At the meeting she also spoke about Spain's technological capability in fields like infrastructure in general and renewable energy in particular.

Saenz de Santamaria said that, after the meeting with Hu and the invitation to Rajoy for a visit to China in the next six months, "a strengthened framework" for bilateral action has been established that could prove very positive for Spain in terms of boosting exports and investment. EFE