Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Reina Sofia Clinic on Bogota's north side, where he has remained since last Thursday, the Office of the Vice President said in a statement.

After a series of medical exams, doctors decided he required "constant monitoring" and "consequently he will remain hospitalized in the intensive care unit for that purpose," the statement said.

The document did not specify the reason Garzon was taken to the ICU on Monday, though media reports said he might have a cardiovascular problem.

On Sunday the Office of the Vice President said that Garzon would remain hospitalized until this Tuesday "on the doctors' recommendation, for the purpose of providing continuity to the comprehensive treatment he is undergoing."

However, when Garzon went to the hospital last Thursday he was unaware he would be taken to the intensive care unit - he was simply going "preventively" for some routine medical checkups.

The Colombian high official had to be hospitalized previously on Aug. 9, 2010, two days after taking office as vice president of the republic, with cardiac pains that kept him out of action for several weeks, and since then he has had to undergo regular medical tests.

Colombia is also following closely the state of health of Bogota's Mayor Gustavo Petro, who was released from hospital Monday after undergoing surgery to drain clotted blood from his brain.

Bogota's Santa Fe Foundation, where Petro was hospitalized, did not say how long the mayor would be in repose. EFE