President Raul Castro's daughter, who heads Cuba's National Center for Sexual Education, or Cenesex, has received a U.S. visa to attend an academic event in California.

"The authorization of the visa is confirmed," a Cenesex spokesman told Efe.

Mariela Castro, who is heading - from Cenesex - a campaign to raise awareness on the Communist-ruled island against homophobia, will participate in the 30th Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, which will be held May 23-26 in San Francisco.

Under the leadership of Mariela Castro, Cenesex has promoted in Cuba in recent years a campaign in favor of the rights of homosexuals and has also supported sex-change operations, which were approved on the island as per a ministerial resolution in 2008.

She has also presented before the Cuban National Assembly a bill that would modify the Family Code, with elements such as legal unions between same-sex couples, although this initiative has still not been approved.

Last week, Mariela Castro called the support of U.S. President Barack Obama for same-sex marriage "excellent."

"I congratulate President Obama for a humane message, (one) of understanding, where he acknowledges ... that he, too, has been changing his opinion in favor of marriage, the free union of same-sex couples," Castro said.