The leader of Puerto Rico's main opposition PPD, Alejandro García Padilla, would prevail over incumbent Gov. Luis Fortuño by 38 percent to 30 percent if the election were today, according to a survey published in El Nuevo Día.

The San Juan daily's poll shows Juan Dalmau of the small Puerto Rican Independence Party with 4 percent and two other candidates with 1 percent each.

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Thirteen percent of respondents said they would not vote in November and 12 percent were undecided.

The newspaper took an identical survey in March 2011 that showed García Padilla leading Fortuño by 47 percent to 25 percent.

Seven months later, the opposition leader was the choice of 39 percent while Fortuño obtained 33 percent of voter preference.

El Nuevo Día said that the opposition tactic of spotlighting Garcia Padilla more in public discussions about the island's problems has given a slight boost to his lead over Fortuño, who is seeking a second four-year term.

The daily's analysis of the poll result said that García Padilla was favored by being a "new face" and the spokesman of hope and change for a territory plunged in a recession that has lasted five years and with a runaway crime rate that each weekend brings violent death to around 10 people.

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The gubernatorial election will be held Nov. 6, the same day Puerto Ricans go to vote in a non-binding referendum on the island's future political relationship with the United States.

While Fortuño's party, the PNP, favors full statehood, the PPD advocates an enhanced version of Puerto Rico's current commonwealth status.

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