Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva entered the Sirio Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo on Monday for his third and final round of chemotherapy to treat the cancer of the larynx he was diagnosed with in October.

Lula, who entered the hospital at 7:30 a.m. by a side entrance to which the press did not have access also on Monday will be subjected to different examinations, including a laryngoscopy and a CAT scan that doctors will use to evaluate the results achieved by his therapy so far.

The 66-year-old former head of state expressed on Sunday, after attending a game of American football at a stadium in Sao Paulo, his confidence in the treatment he is undergoing.

"If the doctors are optimistic, I have no reason not to be," said Lula, who on Sunday posed for photographs without the hat he had been using to hide his hair loss from the chemo.

According to his press office, Lula will spend the night in the hospital and will probably be released on Tuesday.

He will also undergo several exams designed to detect tumors and possible metastatis early.

After the chemotherapy, early next year Lula will undergo radiotherapy sessions to reinforce the treatment he will have received so far.

The former president, an inveterate smoker, on Oct. 29 was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and two days later he began chemotherapy treatment in the same hospital in which his protege and successor, Dilma Rousseff, was cured of lymphatic cancer. in late October.