Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took the opportunity of a visit to Caracas by Argentine counterpart Cristina Fernandez to unveil a portrait he painted of her late husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner.

Chavez unveiled a painting in which he appears along with Kirchner, as well as other paintings of the deceased president that will decorate his Cabinet meeting room, which he named after the Argentine, who died of a heart attack in October 2010.

Visibly moved, Fernandez thanked her host for "this gesture of love and affection" toward the man who was her life companion and the father of her children, and she emphasized "the honor" it means for her family and her country.

"It's impossible for me to sidestep something that for me is very important and that exceeds institutional things and that has to do with ... emotions, with feelings," said Fernandez after meeting with Chavez.

Fernandez also recalled the moment on June 30 when Chavez announced from Havana that doctors had removed a tumor from his body and he was being treated for cancer.

"The day that Hugo told the world from Cuba what was happening to him, (I was) with my daughter, the two of us together in the big bed and we listened to you and, well, the two of us began crying," Fernandez said with tears in her eyes.