The leader of the Cuban opposition group known as the Ladies in White, Laura Pollan, is suffering from a type of dengue fever intensified by another virus and by her chronic diabetes, spokesperson Berta Soler told Efe on Friday.

The medical team attending Pollan, who was admitted a week ago to Calixto Garcia Hospital in Havana, confirmed Thursday night to her family and friends that she has Type 4 dengue.

This is not a particularly aggressive strain, but in her case it is complicated by the presence of another type identified as "respiratory syncytial virus" as well as the patient's chronic diabetes.

Pollan, 63, has been in the hospital's intensive care unit for a week with respiratory failure and lung malfunction brought on by her diabetes, and her prognosis is very grave though she remains in stable condition.

She has been given artificial respiration since she was hospitalized and it is probable that Friday she will undergo a tracheotomy, Soler said.

Laura Pollan is one of the founders of the Ladies in White, a group created to demand freedom for the "Group of 75" dissidents jailed during the repressive crackdown of March 2003.

The group that at first was basically composed of family members of those dissidents today champions respect for the human rights and the release of all political prisoners on the island, after the Cuban government's freeing of the remaining Group of 75 this year.