YouTube and Agencia Efe, Spain's international news agency, launched on Thursday a dedicated channel for content relating to the Nov. 20 Spanish general elections, including a feature that allows users to pose questions for candidates.

The channel, Elecciones Generales 2011, features videos from Spain's political parties presenting their positions on issues such as the economy, foreign affairs and social policy.

The platform - - makes it easy for voters to compare the parties' proposals.

From now through Oct. 25, users have the opportunity to submit questions, in text or video form, that will then be subjected to an online vote to select six queries for the prime ministerial candidate of each of the political parties represented in Spain's Parliament.

The candidates' video responses to the questions will be posted on the Elecciones Generales 2011 on Nov. 4, the official start of campaigning.

Elecciones Generales 2011 also offers access to Efe's coverage of the electoral process and has links to each party's official YouTube channel.

YouTube and Agencia Efe conceived the joint project as a way to provide trustworthy information to Spanish voters ahead of next month's ballot.