More than 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with the way the country is being governed, an unprecedented negative rating for both Democratic and Republican politicians, a Gallup poll released Monday shows.

Only 19 percent of those interviewed expressed a positive attitude toward the government - including the executive and legislative branches as well as both political parties - a considerable drop from 2009, when there was 44 percent approval and 56 percent disapproval.

Gallup said that the dissatisfaction is shared by 65 percent of Democrats and 93 percent of Republicans.

"This perhaps reflects the shared political power arrangement in the nation's capital, with Democrats controlling the White House and U.S. Senate, and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives," the polling firm said.

"Partisans on both sides can thus find fault with government without necessarily blaming their own party," Gallup said.

The survey, carried out Sept. 8-11 among 1,017 adults in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, registered 82 por ciento disapproval for the way Congress is doing its job, while 69 percent said they have little or no confidence in the legislature.

The survey paints a discouraging picture of the state of politics in the United States: 57 percent of the sample have little or no confidence that the federal government will resolve the nation's problems, and 53 percent have little or no confidence in the politicians who are after their vote.

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