Diplomats from several Latin American countries announced Monday the creation of the Group of Latin American Consuls in Miami, or Gruclam, a cooperative effort to help their citizens with such matters as immigration, health care and labor rights.

"We're a group from Latin American countries who are accredited in Florida and our purpose is to work together in areas of common interest for our citizens and in defense of their rights," the consul for Guatemala, Doris Quezada Guzman, told Efe.

The countries that make up Gruclam are Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

Gruclam, Quezada said, is open to all nations of the region and is modeled on an earlier iniciative in New York.

The consul general for Mexico, Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco, said that by creating the group they "plan first of all to be very influential" and mutually support one another in promoting their "vision of best consular practices."

Quezada said that on the subject of immigration, the consulates are joining forces to prepare an information campaign about the recent U.S. government announcement that the cases of 300,000 people facing deportation will be reviewed.

"There has been great confusion in the community following President Barack Obama's announcement, and unfortunately there are attorneys taking advantage of the situation, offering immigration solutions that aren't really applicable. The campaign is to warn our citizens and urge them to get the right information at their consulates," the consul said.