Mexico is to have new finance and health secretaries and the government's chief spokesman on security matters will now head the civilian intelligence agency, President Felipe Calderon announced Friday.

Ernesto Cordero, who joined the administration as finance secretary in December 2009, will be succeeded by current Energy Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, whose post will be filled by Jordy Herrera Flores, an executive with state oil company Pemex.

Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova, praised for his handling of the 2009 swine-flu outbreak, is to replaced by health insurance commissioner Salomon Chertorivsky, Calderon told reporters during a press conference at his official residence, Los Pinos.

Taking over from Guillermo Valdes at the helm of the Cisen intelligence agency is Alejandro Poire, who in recent months became the main public face of the administration's controversial militarized approach to the struggle with drug cartels.

The shakeup comes with 15 months left in Calderon's 2006-2012 term.

Mexico's constitution limits president's to a single mandate and Cordero has made no secret of his ambition to succeed Calderon, though the departing finance secretary trails in the polls behind two other aspirants for the 2012 nomination of the ruling conservative PAN.