Christian rapper Redimi2, who is promoting his latest album, "Exterminador Operacion PR," will make his debut as a writer with the book "Para que te vaya bien" (So that things go well for you) in which he motivates people to take the good path in life.

Willy Gonzalez Cruz, a.k.a. Redimi2, said Tuesday in an interview with Efe that the book, which will go on sale within the next few months, is not an autobiography but rather a way "to tell young people about the correct decisions that they should make in their lives."

The 32-year-old artist emphasized that the book will help young people become aware of and admit the mistakes that they could commit in their lives and thus avoid falling into the trap of those who later wind up in jail.

"Nobody does anything so that things go badly for him. He believes that things will go well," he said.

Redimi2 said "Exterminador Operacion PR" is the first volume of a three-book saga that he has on his agenda.

The books will talk about the problems that Puerto Rico, his native Dominican Republic and the rest of the world are having, including crime and child abuse, he said.

The rapper said he decided to use the term "exterminator" as a positive one so that people use it for "exterminating negative thoughts."

"It's not exterminating human beings, but rather ... when I get into a person's mind trying to exterminate from it all the bad things that he's thinking," he said.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.


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