The dissident Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation said Tuesday that at least 28 opposition members have been arrested over the last five weeks.

Commission spokesman Elizardo Sanchez said in a communique that such repression was carried out last Sunday at the home of dissident Marino Antomachit in the eastern town of Palma Soriano, where a vigil was being held protesting "several acts of police brutality."

Interior Ministry troops in full riot gear "mistreated some 30 people gathered there and destroyed several mattresses, damaged the furnishings badly and seized a computer, cameras, cell phones, printed matter and other work materials," Sanchez said.

"That has been the atmosphere here since Friday and there are still 28 dissidents under arrest whose whereabouts are unknown," he told Efe.

He also said that what occurred in Palma Soriano has been "in crescendo" in terms of the number of protesters and the "intensity of the repression."

"It was a real act of vandalism," he said.

Sanchez said that "the measure is pretty drastic," blamed the government of Gen. Raul Castro for the incidents and said that the purpose of his complaint is "to win support from the community and international organizations."