Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday that the medical exams he underwent before beginning a second round of cancer chemotherapy all came out well.

"Within minutes I will begin a second round of chemotherapy measured scientifically against the tests that were done yesterday and this morning," he told Venezuelan state television from Cuba, where the cancer was detected after Chavez fell ill during an official visit in early June.

He said that with this second round of treatment the doctors are trying "to attack any threat of a return of the carcinogenic tumor."

He said that Cuban physicians did several different tests, with results that were "good in every way" and even showed that he had gained weight.

"All the blood tests, all the tests of organ funcion, from the kidneys to the liver, the heart, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram. All that came out well and here I am," he said, adding that "the body has responded."

He also said that he met for about 2 1/2 hours on Sunday with Fidel Castro, with whom, he said, he was "analyzing world topics."

"I'm here constructing my new center of gravity, the new Chavez," he said, adding that he is keeping close watch on what is happening in his country.

Chavez, who started the day very active on his Twitter account, recalled that 40 years ago he enrolled in the Military Academy of Venezuela.

"And here I am, born again, beginning a new return, a new and long road back. I'm Cadet Hugo Chavez once more!" tweeted the president, who flew back to Havana on Saturday for a second round of chemotherapy.

The president has not disclosed the location of the cancer, which was discovered by Cuban doctors during emergency surgery to remove an abdominal abscess.

It was only after a second operation in Havana to remove the tumor that Chavez disclosed the nature of his illness.

The socialist head of state has kept a limited public schedule in Venezuela between rounds of treatment in Cuba.