The ABC Charters airline said that it will offer flights between the international airport in Tampa, Florida, and Cuba, possibly starting Sept. 10, the Tampa Tribune reported on Thursday.

The Tampa airport this past March received the official authorization of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to operate direct flights to Cuba.

According to the president of ABC Charters, Tessie Aral, the firm will begin with one flight per week using a Boeing 737 that seats 145.

The company, which will resume its operations from this airport for the first time in 50 years, forecasts that it will be able to increase its service to and from Havana to two flights a week in October.

Ticket prices have not yet been established, but Aral said that they will range between $399 and $459 for a roundtrip.

Tampa International in March also began handling direct flights between the United States and the Caribbean island along with Miami, New York's JFK, Los Angeles and the international airport in Fort Myers, Florida.

The state of Florida, according to 2010 Census figures, has the largest number of Cuban-American residents in the country and the Tampa Bay area has the second-largest community of that kind, exceeded only by Miami-Dade County.