Rep. Luis Gutiérrez took his fight for immigration policies straight to the White House – and got arrested for it.

The Illinois congressman was slapped in handcuffs Tuesday for peacefully protesting the Obama administration's deportation policies and his inability to push forward the DREAM Act.

"The President says Republicans are blocking immigration reform and he's right, but it doesn't get him off the hook. Everyone knows he has the power to stop deporting DREAMers and others with deep roots in the U.S. and we think he should use it," Gutiérrez said in a statement.

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez Arrested at Pro-Immigration Rally at White House:

Gutiérrez and several others refused orders from police to leave a sidewalk near the White House.

U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser confirmed the Democrat was one of the people arrested Tuesday. He was charged with disobeying an official order and released after paying a $100 fine.

Rivlin says Gutiérrez was also arrested at the White House during a May 2010 demonstration.

The civil disobedience – by a high-profile Democrat, no less – is the latest instance in which President Barack Obama has come under fire by the Latino community. In an address to the National Council of La Raza on Monday, the president said he had to enforce deportation laws and couldn't change the laws by himself.

"Yes you can," the crowd disagreed and shouted. "Yes you can."

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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