President Hugo Chavez, now undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba, will seek another term in 2012, Venezuelan Finance Minister Jorge Giordani said Monday.

"I don't think there's any doubt that in the 2012 elections (Chavez) will be present and, afterwards, for many more years," Giordani told state-run television.

A few hours before leaving for Cuba, Chavez delegated to Giordani and Vice President Elias Jaua some of his duties as head of state, including the ability to take budgetary action and name lower ranking officials.

"This is a decree to delegate, not as some sectors of the opposition want, for me to turn over the government ... I'm going to delegate a group of duties, as the constitution provides, to Vice President Elias Jaua and to Minister Jorge Giordani," Chavez said during a special Cabinet meeting just before leaving for Havana.

Giordani, in his remarks, reiterated the stance of the government, the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela and Chavez himself that the cancer the president disclosed on June 30 will not alter his plans to run for reelection next year.

Chavez went on Twitter Monday to urge people to listen to Giordani's remarks on state television, where the minister also spoke of Venezuela's triumph over Chile in the Copa America soccer tournament and the need to pay taxes.

The 56-year-old socialist president complained of abdominal pain during an official visit to Cuba early last month. Emergency surgery to remove an abscess led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor that was excised in a subsequent operation, also in Havana.

Chavez, who made limited public appearances between his July 4 return to Venezuela and last weekend's departure for Cuba, has not disclosed exactly what kind of cancer he has.