Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has named Paulo Sergio Passos as the new transport minister to replace Alfredo Nascimento, who resigned last week under a barrage of criticism about fraud and corruption in the bidding on public works.

Passos, up to now the ministry's executive secretary, agreed Monday to accept the post left vacant by Nascimento's July 6 resignation, according to a communique from the president's office.

The appointment of Passos comes after Sen. Blairo Maggi refused to accept the position, citing a conflict of interest with his business in the shipping sector.

Passos, born in the northeastern city of Muritiba in 1950, was in the Cabinet during the 2003-2011 tenure of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

His predecessor in the post was forced to present his "irrevocable" resignation last week after the press reported his alleged implication in the fraudulent awarding of contracts for public works projects.

Nascimento was the second senior official to resign since Rousseff took office in January.

The president's chief of staff, Antonio Palocci, left the government on June 6 amid charges of corruption.