Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro held a "fraternal" meeting in this capital, according to Cuban state-run television, which broadcast images of both leaders.

In the photographs, Chavez - who on June 10 underwent an emergency operation in Havana for a pelvic abscess - can be seen wearing a colorful track suit and chatting with Castro, who is also casually dressed and wearing a red baseball cap. The two men are standing in some of the photos and sitting down in others.

Chavez seems a little thinner than normal in the photos, but there appears to be no other sign that he recently underwent an operation.

Also present at the meeting were some of Chavez's relatives, according to the report read on Cuban TV news, and a young woman can be seen in one of the shots alongside the two men sitting on a patio.

Cuban television did not mention anything about Chavez's health and did not give any details as to his precise whereabouts in Cuba.

The news show only said that Fidel Castro and the Venezuelan president held an "intimate" meeting at which they "recalled ... earlier occasions on which they had chatted" with each other.

Cuban TV reported that on Wednesday more detailed information would be made available about the meeting.

These are the first images of Chavez offered by Cuban media since June 18, when several photos of the Venezuelan leader with Cuban President Raul Castro and his brother Fidel when the pair came to visit him after his operation were published on the island.

The scanty official information about Chavez's operation and convalescence in Cuba has sparked all sorts of rumors about his health situation in recent days.

Chavez, 56, came to Cuba on June 8 on the last leg of an official trip that had taken him to Brazil and Ecuador.

Two days later he underwent emergency surgery in Havana for the pelvic abscess, according to what the Caracas government reported at the time.