Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño decided to seek a second four-year term because of favorable poll results, political analysts said Monday.

The governing New Progressive Party, or PNP, according to this hypothesis, has internal surveys at its disposal showing Fortuño his chances of winning re-election in 2012.

The theories put forward by political analysts come after Fortuño announced his candidacy for re-election on Sunday during the Extraordinary Assembly of Delegates of the PNP at the Ruben Rodriguez Colosseum in Bayamon.

"For them and for you, I present my candidacy for re-election to serve you as your governor for the next four years," said Fortuño during remarks to about 10,000 of his supporters.

The governor said that his administration had achieved economic growth on the island despite the deep recession that has beset Puerto Rico for the fifth consecutive year.

The island's unemployment rate continues to hover around 16 percent.

Fortuño admitted that he had implemented measures that might not be very popular, after saying that he is working for the good of all Puerto Rico and not just to satisfy certain sectors of society.

The PNP leader was elected governor in November 2008 with 52.78 percent of the vote in a contest with scandal-plagued incumbent Anibal Acevedo Vila.