The widow of the Mexican man who died in the northern city of Tijuana after U.S. Border Patrol agents opened fire from their side of the international boundary rejects the claim that her husband hurled rocks at the agents.

"They had no reason to take his life," Maria del Socorro Quintero told Efe by telephone from her home in Ensenada, near Tijuana.

Though she did not witness the events, Quintero said she can't imagine anything that would have led her husband, construction worker Jose Alfredo Yañez Reyes, to throw rocks at the U.S. agents.

Yañez, a father of three who died from a gunshot to the head, had no intention of trying to illegally enter the United States, she said.

Mexico's foreign ministry said Wednesday that the Border Patrol agents apparently fired their weapons in response to rocks being thrown at them from the Mexican side.

While Yañez's home was in Ensenada, he spent two weeks of every month doing construction work in nearby Tijuana, the metropolis next door to San Diego.

Quintero, who said Mexican authorities have not even bothered to contact her and offer any explanation of her husband's death, vowed: "I will continue, this will not go unpunished."

She said she is looking for a civic group willing to help her get a lawyer and pursue the matter.

The Mexican government strongly condemned Yañez's death and vowed to demand that U.S. authorities conduct a thorough investigation.