Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel proposed Tuesday reorganizing the Chicago City Council to reflect the city's diversity by incorporating Latinos into its principal committees.

Emanuel, who takes office next Monday, said in a communique that the changes are a result of meetings he held with the 50 members of the council.

He said the new leadership of the committees will reflect the diversity that exists in Chicago and will help implement the reforms needed for the city to progress.

The alderman of Puerto Rican origin Ray Suarez will have the post of vice-mayor and will remain chairman of the Housing Committee.

Mexican-born Ald. George Cardenas will preside over the Health and Environment Protection Committee, while Puerto Rican Roberto Maldonado is to be deputy chairman of the Human Relations Committee.

Mexican-American Ald. Daniel Solis, who was one of the most influential Latino councilors during the mandate of outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daley, will continue to head the Zoning Committee.

For his part, Puerto Rican Ariel Reboyaras will occupy the No. 2 posts on the License and Consumer Protection Committee and the Aviation Committee.