My husband tells me that I am the most optimistic person he knows. Because in the heels of a sobering political defeat of my Republican party, I am looking for the great opportunities the defeat presents to us. In México we have a saying, “no hay mal que por bien no venga;” which could be translated as: “bad things happen for a good reason.” It has been a long time since I ask why things happen; instead, I spend my time searching for the purpose that they happen. No longer do I ask why but rather what for?

The next generation of Americans of Hispanic descent needs us to double or rather quadruple our efforts

- Rosario Marín, Former U.S. Treasurer

Consequently, I believe that this particular defeat happened so that we as a party can do some soul-searching, figure out how we can reach more voters, especially Hispanic voters; also develop a plan to attract them starting today and execute it with purpose and passion over the next four years.

I know a lot of great Hispanic friends and good people in the Republican world are worried; some feel dejected; some are ready to throw in the towel, especially those who have toiled for a long time in the often overlooked or purposefully ignored world of Hispanic outreach. 

Many of us who have worked in this field for such a long time will lick our wounds and go right back at it again. We are warriors and we care deeply about our party, but more importantly, we care deeply about our Hispanic community. 

We realize there is a lot at stake, should our community become an extension of the African-American community. Their fate will be our own. It didn’t help them to give over 95 percent of their vote to the democrats in the White House. While the Hispanic unemployment rate is high, theirs is even higher. Where our lines for food stamps have grown, theirs have grown even longer. Where we have lost a lot of our homes to foreclosure, they have lost even at greater rates. 

So, as far as I am concerned, there is no time to waste feeling sorry for ourselves. We have to deal with the results of the neglect of our party. We need to fold our sleeves and get back to work right away. The next generation of Americans of Hispanic descent needs us to double or rather quadruple our efforts. Let’s stop the finger-pointing, and trashing our failed efforts. 

Long ago I learned that our greatest weakness is also our greatest strength. We have before us a unique opportunity; we have too many potential voters that want to be embraced but have felt unwelcome. Let’s extend the red carpet. They do belong with us and their future will be brighter if they join us, and -oh by the way- our Republican future will also be secured.

Rosario Marin was the 41st Treasurer of the United States and is co-chair of the American Competitiveness Alliance.

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