An official, his wife and his son were arrested by police in the northern Argentine province of Formosa when officers found 50 kilos of cocaine in the government pick-up truck they were riding in, officials said Sunday.

The vehicle is registered to the Formosa Economy, Finance and Treasury Ministry's purchasing and supplies administration, the federal Security Ministry said in a statement.

Federal Police officers driving to the city of Clorinda, where they planned to launch an operation, came across the pick-up truck, which had flipped over on the side of the road.

Officers found the cocaine, which had been hidden in a box, while assisting the three people trapped inside the vehicle.

Officers determined that the man was a provincial official and handed him, his wife and his son over to federal prosecutors.

"Eliminating drug trafficking is the mission given to us by the president (Mauricio Macri)," the Security Ministry said, adding that investigators were aware of "political and business links to the most powerful gangs" in Argentina.

"But we're here to fight them, to root them out and provide security to every inhabitant of Argentine soil," the ministry said. EFE