Chile's judiciary issued a warrant Tuesday for police to search the Queen Mary II, set to dock this week in the Andean nation, in order to discover the circumstances surrounding the death of a Chilean man who worked on the cruise ship as a chef.

Favio Oñate, 26, leaped overboard before dawn on Aug. 15 as the vessel was sailing off the Canadian coastline.

The procedure will seek to "locate, individualize, and take depositions" from the captain and any witnesses among the crew who "saw or knew anything about the incident under investigation," according to the court order conveyed to the port master in Valparaiso, Sigfrido Ramirez Braun.

Police will check out the cruise ship's security cameras, make a photographic record of the scene of the incident, and carry out a planimetric examination of the cabin where the chef slept and of the elevators, decks, cabins and restrooms used by the staff.

The chef's father, Segundo Oñate, said the company has not told them "that any investigation is underway."

According to the complaint filed by the father with the Chilean Attorney General's Office, Favio was apparently "drinking at the bar" of the cruise ship with another individual hours before his disappearance.

It seemed that later he went to the bathroom, from where he emerged "acting if something unusual had happened to him," the complaint said.

"After a few minutes of behaving incoherently and erratically, he supposedly jumped overboard," the father said.

According to the complaint, the person who was with the Chilean chef at the bar "got off the ship at the first port of call after the incident." EFE