A 1-year-old girl who lived in northern Colombia's Wayuu Indian community has died at a Barranquilla hospital, where she spent 10 days being treated for acute undernourishment.

The child from Churritsirra, a community in La Guajira province, died last Saturday.

The girl weighed four kilos (8.8 pounds), a weight corresponding to a newborn baby.

She was connected to a respirator and was being fed through tubes.

One of the reasons for indigenous children's malnutrition is lack of access to the health-care system, La Guajira Gov. Oneida Pinto said in a Twitter post.

"The distances between some communities and health clinics is a problem, and there are some areas where there has been no rainfall in years," the governor said.

Pinto met on Monday with Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu in Riohacha, the capital of La Guajira.

Menchu, a Quiche Maya from Guatemala, will participate in a Wayuu ritual as part of her show of support for Pinto, the province's first indigenous governor.

The Health Ministry reported in late 2015 that it invested more than 5 billion pesos ($1.6 billion) in health and nutrition programs, reaching more than 7,500 children under age 5 in La Guajira.

Last December, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asked Colombia to remedy malnutrition among children and teenagers in La Guajira's Wayuu indigenous communities.

In a statement, the IACHR urged Colombia to "take the necessary steps to preserve the lives and integrity" of Wayuu children, adding that information it obtained showed that undernourishment and lack of drinking water had caused the deaths of about 4,770 children in the past eight years. EFE