The Argentine government on Tuesday declared a nationwide public safety emergency for one year to "reverse the situation of collective danger created by complex crime, organized crime and drug trafficking."

The resolution establishes "the approval of the Rules of Aerospace Protection" implemented by the armed forces and "oriented toward identifying, warning, intimidating and making use of force (as a last resource) against (intruders) into the airspace."

"Such aircraft will be declared 'hostile' when they have the character of 'placing (the public) at risk or causing harm' in the national territory," the communique said.

The measure, which may be extended after it expires, "is in harmony with the essential goals" established by President Mauricio Macri "to fight drug trafficking and other types of serious crime."

Among the measures included in the emergency decree, the government will give the ministries of security, defense and transportation "the task of strengthening the security mechanisms in all means of air transportation."

In addition, it authorizes "the acquisition of the necessary material to increase vigilance on the river frontier, the ports and the maritime zones within the national jurisdiction."

It also authorizes the creation of a Security Cabinet tasked with "coordinating the work of the different portfolios" involved in emergency activities.

The decree also authorizes the Security Ministry "to recall personnel retired from the Federal Police, Coast Guard, Border Police and Airport Police who have not been convicted of crimes against humanity, are currently being criminally prosecuted or who have entered retirement for disciplinary reasons." EFE