A total of 516 complaints have been received from women in the western German city of Cologne for alleged crimes committed against them around the main train station on New Year's Eve, with about 40 percent of the cases involving sexual assault, police said Sunday.

The number of complaints in Cologne rose from 379 to 516 in the past 24 hours, while in the port city of Hamburg, where similar incidents occurred on Dec. 31, 133 complaints have been filed.

A 19-year-old Moroccan has been arrested in connection with a robbery on New Year's Eve, the Cologne police department said.

The suspect, who has a prior criminal record and has served time in prison, was arrested on Saturday night.

Nineteen other suspects linked to the incidents on New Year's Eve, when about 1,000 men gathered around Cologne's main train station and harassed, assaulted and robbed women, have been identified.

Investigators are gathering evidence to file charges against the suspects, reviewing video from security cameras in the area around the train station to identify assailants.

The incidents in Cologne and Hamburg were similar, with women in both cities telling police that they were harassed, sexually assaulted and robbed by groups of men who appeared to be of North African and Arab origin. EFE