Miss Honduras World 2014 Maria Jose Alvarado and one of her sisters, Sofia Trinidad, have been missing since last week, beauty pageant organizer Eduardo Zablah said Sunday.

The beauty queen and her sister have not been seen since Thursday, Zablah said.

The two women disappeared after attending a birthday party in Santa Barbara, a region in western Honduras, Zablah said.

The National Police was not informed that the Alvarado sisters were missing until Saturday, Zablah said in a brief statement.

Maria Jose Alvarado, a 19-year-old from Santa Rosa de Copan in western Honduras, was selected Miss Honduras World 2014 on April 26.

The beauty queen participated in the television variety show hosted by Salvador Nasralla.

Alvarado was expected to represent Honduras in the Miss World 2014 contest in London next month. EFE