Representatives of roughly a score of non-governmental organizations met here Wednesday and formed an alliance aimed at tackling a severe water crisis in the southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, proposing, among other solutions, stiffer fines for excessive consumption.

The "Alliance for Water" launched in the capital of Brazil's most affluent state, battered by a severe drought that has reduced reservoir levels, drew on a series of short-, medium- and long-term solutions presented by 280 experts from 60 municipalities affected by the crisis.

"We're going to work on several fronts: compiling the proposals for (implementation) by at least eight working groups, drawing up better action plans, and establishing commitments for moving forward on these proposals," the coordinator of the alliance, Marussia Whately, told Efe.

The group of experts proposed a total of 196 short-term actions and 191 long-term actions.

The initiatives include ensuring that reservoirs are no longer at dangerously low levels by April 2015 and imposing stiffer fines on consumers who continue to use excessive amounts of water in defiance of the state government's warnings. EFE