Rescue teams brought 20 people to safety at an artisanal gold mine located on Nicaragua's northern Caribbean coast and are continuing to search for seven others who remain trapped.

The first miners were pulled out at around 9:00 p.m. Friday and were taken to a nearby clinic, one the officials in charge of the rescue effort told reporters.

The government news portal El 19 Digital said none of the miners showed visible signs of injuries but were taken to the health facility as a precautionary measure.

The workers had been trapped for nearly 34 hours at the mine in the municipality of Bonanza when the first man, 30-year-old Roger Emilio Darce, was lifted to safety.

A total of 27 gold miners became trapped on Thursday due to a cave-in triggered by a landslide on nearby El Comal mountain, while two others managed to escape, according to the government.

The 20 rescued miners were located at a single spot and had made contact with the rescue teams Friday morning, authorities said. EFE