Bolivian police seized a consignment of weapons that was bound for the most powerful criminal organization in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo, the interior ministry said Friday.

Five people were arrested in the course of the police operation in the eastern province of Santa Cruz.

Authorities were able to establish that the shipment originated in the United States and was intended for the gang known as the First Capital Command, or PCC, the interior ministry said.

The five people in custody include two postal employees and two police officers.

Part of the consignment was found at a postal service facility in Santa Cruz city, while police traced the other half of the shipment to a private residence in the town of Montero.

The cache included three AR-15 assault rifles and a dozen handguns, the ministry said.

Bolivian authorities have begun the process of asking the United States to extradite the person who sent the weapons, the interior ministry said. EFE