Eight people survived, although 40 others died, when their plane crashed Sunday morning in southeastern Tehran shortly after taking off from the Mehrabad airport, Iranian aviation officials told Efe.

Of the 40 passengers - six of whom were children - and eight crewmembers on board, 38 died in the crash and 10 others were injured to one degree or another and taken to a hospital, where two of them died shortly thereafter, an airport spokesman said.

Half of the injured are male and the other half are female, and five are members of the same family, including one child, the ISNA news agency reported.

The dead are all Iranians, diplomats in Tehran told Efe.

The Antonov-140 went down at 9:18 a.m. just moments after takeoff.

The plane crashed south of the airport near the Azadi sports stadium, in southeastern Tehran, when one of its engines failed just after lifting off, initial reports said.

The Sepahan airlines jet was scheduled to fly from Tehran to Tabas, a city in the country's eastern desert region.

Iran has an obsolete air fleet and for decades has been facing huge difficulties finding replacement parts due to international sanctions.

The most recent serious air accident took place in January 2011, when a commercial jet crashed as it was trying to make an emergency landing during a snowstorm in northern Iran killing 77 people, the state-run Press TV news network reported.

In July 2009, 168 people died when another plane crashed in the northwestern part of the country after taking off from the capital. EFE