The New Hampshire teenager who returned home nine months after she vanished says she's "feeling a lot better every day."

Abigail Hernandez stopped by the Conway Daily Sun on Thursday to thank the local newspaper for publicizing her disappearance. The Daily Sun ran a box everyday counting the number of days Abigail was missing and urged people to call police with information.

"Thank you guys, so, so much, I really appreciate it more than I could possibly put in words," the 15-year-old told the Daily Sunduring her visit. "I'm taking it a little at a time but I'm feeling a lot better every day."

It was the first time Abigail spoke publically since she disappeared Oct. 9 and then returned unexpectedly on July 20. On Monday, police charged 34-year-old Nathaniel Kibby with her kidnapping.

The Daily Sun described Abigail, who turned 15 a week after she was kidnapped, as composed and relaxed during the visit. The paper said Abigail, who was flanked by her mother and a family friend, declined to discuss her disappearance, saying divulging any details would compromise the investigation.

Kibby has been held on $1 million cash bail since his arraignment on Tuesday. Abigail sat in the front row of the courtroom during the hearing.

On Monday, police arrested Kibby without incident at his Gorham home, about 30 miles north of where Hernandez lives. He was charged with felony kidnapping and could face at least seven years in prison, if convicted.

Police claim Kibby, 34, kidnapped Abigail after she left Kennett High School and was walking toward her North Conway home. Police have not explained the circumstances of Abigail’s disappearance or return.

Yellow crime-scene tape surrounded a shipping container in Kibby’s yard and local media reported that neighbors are worried that the crate, which was described as an above-ground bunker, was where Abby was held.

"He's been called crazy Nate," neighbor Debbie Demers said about Kibby, according to "He's pretty much a loner, but I always told the girls to stay away from that trailer."

Demers added that the shipping container is soundproof and that Kibby had "a little shooting range back there."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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