Colombian authorities seized 1,555 kilograms (3,425 lbs.) of cocaine that were found on a boat en route to Central America, the military said Wednesday.

The operation was carried out by Colombian and U.S. military forces, the latter being the ones who initially detected the boat in the Gulf of Uraba and warned Colombian authorities, who began the pursuit.

The cocaine belonged to the paramilitary drug trafficking band known as Los Urabeños and was being shipped to Central America, Colombian officials said.

The shipment, valued at $40 million, was on board a go-fast boat crewed by four men who threw several packages of the drug into the ocean when they noticed that they were being followed.

When the military units reached the boat, they found on board 63 packages containing the coke, all of which were transported to the coast guard station in Uraba, where they were turned over to the police.

Since April, authorities have been monitoring the Colombian ports, given that since mid-2013 seizures of cocaine have been increasing there. EFE