Mexican forces arrested one of the 14 high-priority suspects identified as part of a federal security strategy for the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, authorities said.

Eleno Salazar Flores was detained in the city of Reynosa, National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said.

Rubido said at a press conference in Mexico City that the 46-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday without a single shot fired thanks to intelligence work and an anonymous tip concerning a gathering of members of a criminal gang.

The suspect was involved in people- and drug-trafficking and money laundering and also extorted payments from other criminal gangs in an area of Tamaulipas near the U.S. border, the national security commissioner said.

He also worked directly with Mario Armando Ramirez Treviño, who upon taking the helm of the Gulf cartel in 2013 put Salazar Flores in control of a key drug-trafficking corridor in Tamaulipas, Rubido said.

Ramirez Treviño was captured by army troops during an operation last August in Tamaulipas.

The official noted that seven of the 14 priority suspects identified at the May launch of the security strategy in Tamaulipas have been arrested.

The federal government's strategy has consisted of deploying more security-force units in Tamaulipas and ordering a purge of law-enforcement agencies in an effort to stop the surge in drug-related violence in the northeastern state.

The Gulf and Los Zetas drug cartels have been fighting for control of Tamaulipas and smuggling routes into the United States for years. EFE