Hispanic leaders and members of the community in Denver met with municipal authorities to ask for an investigation into the death of a 20-year-old Latino, who was gunned down by police after attending a friend's wake.

At the meeting, which took place Wednesday evening, were Mayor Michael Hancock and other city officials, Fidel Montoya, the former Denver public safety chief, told Efe on Thursday.

The idea was for "the authorities to become aware of those feelings and the sensibilities of the community," Montoya added.

Ryan Ronquillo, who died on July 3, was being sought for multiple vehicle thefts.

On the afternoon of his death, police noticed Ronquillo inside a vehicle, apparently stolen, in front of a funeral home where he had just attended the wake of his best friend, who had committed suicide.

When police tried to arrest him in view of dozens of adults and children who had also come to the wake, Ronquillo got into an altercation with the officers, who opened fire on him and killed him.

On that same day, Joseph Valverde, 32, was also killed by police gunfire during an anti-drug undercover operation.

"The incidents last week in Denver have created anger, bitterness, hatred and concerns in the community," commented Montoya, one of the heads of the Unity and Justice Committee formed to protest Ronquillo's death.

Local authorities still have not decided whether to investigate the case, and the committee called a second community meeting for Saturday "to determine what steps to take." EFE