Three people died and one went missing after three boats collided in waters off Miami on Friday night during the Independence Day celebrations, local media reported Saturday.

Miami firefighters rushed to Dinner Key Marina around 11:00 p.m. after getting a call about three boats crashing into each other off Coconut Grove, a tourist area of Miami.

A total of nine people were taken to hospitals - two to the Kendall Regional Medical Center, three to Mercy Hospital and four to Jackson Ryder Trauma, Local 10 channel said.

Jorge Pino of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that of the four people taken to Jackson Ryder Trauma, two later died, a man and a woman.

Miami firefighters found three people in the water, but said the investigation might discover that more are missing.

Up to now, the names of victims and survivors have not been revealed.

The investigations are currently focused on determining who was in each of the three boats involved in the crash and how many people there were in all.

Several media say that two children ages 3 and 5 were in the accident.

They were not injured and are back with their grandparents, Local 10 said.

The boats were towed to the Dinner Key Marina dock to continue the investigation. EFE