Colombian police said Friday that they captured a reputed drug trafficker who is wanted in the United States.

Seized from the man in custody, Pedro Corredor, and his organization were 198 kilos (438 pounds) of cocaine that were found in a rural area of Cienega municipality in the Caribbean province of Magdalena, police said in a statement.

According to the authorities, "the confiscated shipment will be sent to the United States," so that in coordination with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, they collected "material evidence that made it possible to determine what part this person played in drug trafficking."

Extradition of the suspect has been requested by a U.S. court.

Corredor is charged with coordinating drug shipments by air from Colombia's eastern plains to Central America, particularly to Honduras, from where they were sent to Texas, police said.

The drug-trafficking ring to which Corredor allegedly belongs has been linked by authorities to the extreme-right paramilitary group known as Libertadores del Vichada, an organization demobilized several years ago, only to have some of its members set up criminal gangs. EFE