A Guatemalan man thought to have headed a ring that trafficked in drugs and people and two of his alleged accomplices, one of whom is a police officer, were arrested by authorities near the border with Mexico on Wednesday.

National Civil Police spokesman Pablo Castillo told reporters that Julio Cesar Serrano Samayoa, alias "El Finquero," was arrested at his home in the village of Chimusinique, located about 257 kilometers (159 miles) from Guatemala City, on the border with Mexico.

Serrano Samayoa is considered to be one of the leaders of a ring that trafficked in drugs and people in that part of the country, Castillo added, although he did not provide the name of the criminal group.

Also arrested were a police officer identified as Francisco Raul Carrillo Martinez, and Jairo Esau Mateo Villatoro, and both were accused of belonging to a drug trafficking organization.

In the security operation, which was carried out by police and Public Ministry personnel with the support of the army, authorities seized vehicles, firearms and animals at Serrano Samayoa's residence, Castillo said. EFE