Two teenaged sisters were found dead Tuesday by neighbors in a northern Guatemalan community and their family believes they were victims of gangs operating in the area.

The bodies of Yakeline, 15, and Karen, 13, were found on a plot of land in the Buena Vista III sector of the San Pedro Ayampuc municipality, 27 kilometers (17 miles) north of Guatemala City.

The sisters had several bullet wounds in different parts of their bodies, paramedics said.

The victims' mother, who preferred to remain anonymous, said on radio station Sonora Es La Noticia that her daughters left home Tuesday morning to go to school.

She acknowledged that her daughters were acquainted with members of the Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18 street gangs and for that reason believes they killed the girls.

"One of the gangs thought they were giving information to the other, but I know that's not true," said the sorrowing mother, without saying which gang was responsible for the double murder.

On April 3 two other sisters were shot by Salvatrucha members, Karla Daniela and Nancy Paola Oscal Perez, ages 17 and 14, as they were on their way to school downtown in the capital.

Karla died hours after the attack, while her sister passed away last Friday.

The three alleged perpetrators of those crimes were caught by security forces last Sunday.

Guatemala, a nation of roughly 14 million people, suffered 6,072 homicides in 2013, or an average of 16 murders a day. EFE