The papal almoner distributed Friday night 100 envelopes of money in the name of Pope Francis to beggars who spend the night in the cold and discomfort of the capital's train stations, Italian media said.

According to the daily Vatican Insider, the amount of money in the envelopes was between 40 and 50 euros ($55 and $69).

In all, the paper said, Krajewski distributed 100 envelopes that also included an Easter greeting card signed by the Argentine pontiff.

Meanwhile, Frances presided over the traditional Via Crucis around the Colosseum, an act at which he was not expected to speak but finally broke his silence.

"Teach us (Jesus) that evil will not have the last word, but that love, compassion and forgiveness will. Let us remember the people who are sick and forsaken, that under the cross they may find the strength of hope," Jorge Bergoglio said.

This was not the first time Pope Francis has sent his almoner on such a mission.

Friday the pope had 150 Easter eggs sent to child patients at Rome's Bambin Gesu (Baby Jesus) Hospital, while the poor Roman suburb of Tor Bella Monaca received 200 packages of basic needs like pasta, milk, olive oil, salt, fruit, cookies and marmalade.

Last Christmas the pope distributed subway tickets and pre-paid telephone cards among the beggars of the capital. 

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