Army troops killed four people in a shootout in Tamaulipas, a state in northeastern Mexico, the Tamaulipas Coordination Group, or GCT, said.

The four men were suspected of belonging to a group of gunmen who attacked a hotel housing employees of a multinational corporation on Friday, the GCT said in a statement.

Soldiers engaged the gunmen in a shootout in Los Guerra, a town outside the city of Miguel Aleman.

Two other gunmen were wounded and five were arrested, the GCT said.

The gunmen were in the convoy that entered Ciudad Mier on Friday night and opened fire on the hotel.

Army commanders launched a sweep to find gunmen operating in the area following the attack on the hotel, which only sustained damage in the incident.

Soldiers spotted the gunmen, who were traveling in an armored SUV, in Los Guerra and ordered them to stop, triggering the shootout.

Army troops seized 17 rifles, 11 grenades, two grenade launchers, three handguns, ammunition clips, ammunition, tactical gear and some marijuana from the suspects. EFE