One or more unknown archers are killing dogs with arrows in the southern part of Managua, the Fundacion Amarte, a non-governmental organization dedicated to caring for animals, said Sunday.

"Six dogs have died, all on the Southern Highway, in the last 10 days," Fundacion Amarte president and veterinarian Enrique Rumbaud told Efe.

The photograph of a young dog named "Cookie" in La Prensa, in which she appears with an arrow sticking out of her body, caused outrage nationwide and elicited many comments on the social networks.

The word "murderers" is the one being used most often by the public on the social networks to describe the attacker or attackers.

"The police should investigate this because it has been verified that murderers and rapists earlier were abusers of dogs. If they are not found, tomorrow they could station themselves in front of a school," Rumbaud said.

Some people knowledgeable about archery have said on the social networks that the arrow that pierced Cookie came from a crossbow or a regular bow that cannot be bought by just any Nicaraguan, but rather only someone with money.

The area where the dogs have died is considered an upper-scale area of the capital.

Almost any arrow wound on a dog can kill it due to the animal's relatively small size compared with the arrow itself, Rimbaud said.

This kind of act is considered animal cruelty according to the Law for the Protection and Wellbeing of Domestic and Domesticated Wild Animals approved in May 2011.

If apprehended, the person or persons responsible for the attacks would have their archery equipment confiscated and could be forced to pay a fine equivalent to 3,000 days of their salaries. EFE