Colombian army operations in the central and southwestern part of the country have resulted in six FARC guerrillas killed, four captured and four who have laid down their arms voluntarily, the Defense Ministry announced Tuesday.

During Operation Maximus, which is being conducted in a rural part of Nariño province near the city of Tumaco, army troops killed six guerrillas belonging to the Daniel Aldana mobile column of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

The rebels were the same ones who last week ambushed a patrol of Colombian marines, killing a non-commissioned officer and wounding five soldiers, according to the official tally.

Among the guerrillas who were killed is one known as "Sneider" or "Morocho," the head of the group, the ministry added.

In another operation in the rural part of the municipality of Buenos Aires in Cauca province, the army's 17th Mobile Brigade captured four other FARC members, seizing firearms and 50 kilograms of cocaine.

In that same region on Tuesday FARC guerrillas used dynamite to blast a hole in a portion of the Pan-American Highway, authorities reported, adding that the army had undertaken the controlled detonation of a vehicle loaded with explosives that the rebels had abandoned on a highway near the town of Inza.

Finally, the Defense Ministry reported that four more FARC rebels belonging to Front 25 turned themselves in in central Tolima province after apparently being harassed by army operations.

Colombia's southwest region has seen a resurgence of violence in recent weeks attributed to the FARC, which through ambushes, attacks with explosives and rebel squads has killed at least half a dozen members of the security forces. EFE