One student at Cairo's Al Ashar University was shot to death and another was wounded on Sunday in clashes between police and demonstrators supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood announced that a police officer fired at the young man, killing him, while security forces were trying to disperse demonstrators from the central part of the university campus, which is one of the country's most prestigious Sunni institutions.

The university said in a statement released by the state-run Mena news agency that the dead man was a student at the business school.

His companions took his body to the city's downtown area, the institution said, adding that "an urgent investigation" had been launched to determine all the facts in the incident.

The Islamists are keeping up the pressure at the country's universities to denounce the military's toppling of President Mohammed Morsi last July and to call for the release of students arrested in recent days.

At least five people, including Egyptian journalist Mayada Ashraf with the Al Dustur daily, died on Friday in clashes following the Islamist demonstrations in Cairo.

The Attorney General's Office on Sunday in a statement accused groups of masked and hooded men of infiltrating the groups of protesters and murdering the five people who died.

Since the coup against Morsi, Egyptian authorities have weakened the structure of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they have declared to be a "terrorist organization," at the same time that they have arrested the group's main leaders and suppressed its demonstrations. EFE