A group of Puerto Rican programmers has developed an application for tablets and other mobile devices based on the schoobooks of Spanish publishing group Santillana, for use by both students and teachers.

"The idea was to create an interactive application that could handle all content and would include games, videos, audio and picture galleries," Angel Rosado, one of the programmers, told Efe.

The digital tool is available to students from kindergarten through 12th grade (between ages 5-17), Rosado said.

The technician said the app contains all textbooks of the Santillana publishing house and includes a high-resolution picture gallery that can be used both by students, to include images in their projects, and by teachers, to illustrate their lessons in class.

The educational content items are accessible with or without an Internet connection and can all be installed on a single device.

SantiAppK-12 is the only educational application certified by Microsoft for Windows 8 in the U.S. commonwealth, and work is now going ahead for its adaptation to Apple mobiles and devices equipped with the Android operating system.

The app has a diary for noting to-do items, dates of exams and study groups, among other activities, and includes a homework section where students can keep a list of all the assignments they have to hand in. They can also make notes in the textbooks themselves.

SantiAppK-12 integrates functions of the Word, Excel and Power Point programs to help students do their schoolwork, even though they don't have those programs downloaded to their tablets.

All the SantiAppK-12 content will be available free until June 30 on the Web site of the Spanish publisher. EFE