A 26-year-old woman was strangled by her parents, who opposed their daughter's recent marriage to a young man of another caste in Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India, police said Monday.

The slaying of the young woman occurred Sunday in the town of Guntur after the parents of the recently married woman convinced the couple that they had accepted the marriage and that they wanted the rituals carried out to complete the union.

The couple, who worked together at a computer company, wed las Friday in the regional capital of Hyderabad, and when they arrived at the village on Saturday, the young woman went to stay with her parents and her husband checked into a hostal, a police spokesman told the PTI news agency on condition of anonymity.

"Kiran Kumar - the bridegroom - tried to call his bride, P. Deepthi, by mobile phone Sunday morning, but getting no answer, he alerted the police who broke down the door to the house and found the murdered woman on the bed," the police spokesman said.

The parents, who fled after committing the crime, were arrested Monday in a neighboring town, police superintendent Gopinath Jatti told PTI, adding that "both confessed to the crime."

In India, above all in rural areas, arranged marriages are common, and the parents, in case their sons and daughters want to choose their partners, normally discard candidates of a different religion or caste.

If the young couple chooses not to accept their parents' decision, harsh punishment of that offense is often seen by at least one of the two families as the best way to redeem family honor. EFE