At least 12 people died and 10 were wounded on Monday in different attacks around Iraq, police told Efe.

Three members of the pro-government militia known as the Salvation Council were killed and two others were wounded when armed gunmen attacked one of the group's checkpoints in the town of Al Hawiya, west of Kirkuk and 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad.

The police source added that three police officers and a civilian died in an attack carried out by armed men on a police station in the town of Al Asriya north of Tikrit, in northern Salahuddin province.

An Iraqi government official in the same region was murdered by armed men as he was driving a state-owned vehicle in the Al Huyay zone, north of Tikrit.

In the same area, a driver with the Civil Defense department in the city of Al Sharkat, died in another such attack on his vehicle.

The police source also said that an Iraqi army soldier was killed with silenced weapons on a public street in western Mosul, 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) north of Baghdad.

In addition, a civilian died and five others were wounded when a car bomb exploded at an intersection elsewhere in Mosul, while one police officer died and another was wounded in an attack on their patrol car near the university in that city.

Meanwhile, the head of planning for the Mosul police, Col. Faisal Ahmed, and one of the people with him were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded as they were driving by.

Iraq is experiencing a resurgence in sectarian violence and terrorist attacks, which in 2013 killed 8,868 people, of whom 7,818 were civilians, according to United Nations figures. EFE